“What is PARTY WEEK?”, you may be asking yourself. Well, my friends, PARTY WEEK is the 9 day time frame that occurs every year that includes my birthday, my husband’s birthday, and our wedding anniversary. All in 9 days people. When we picked our wedding date, we thought to ourselves: “We will celebrate our birthdays and anniversaries each as an individual celebration. It won’t be hard.” LOL that thought makes me laugh so hard I may have just snorted.


Yes we all wore flip flops at the wedding and skipped down the aisle. :)

This is our seventh wedding anniversary this year and we probably have only been together for all of party week 3 times. Usually a mission trip or SOMETHING occurs during party week in which we are separated. The first year we were moving from Oregon to Arizona and spent our whole anniversary in separate cars driving. It was fun to stare at the back of his cute little head for 12 hours straight, but not exactly the way we envisioned celebrating our anniversary. Another year I was seven months pregnant on bed rest and he was in Latvia with a group of teenagers running a day camp. I don’t even think we got to talk on the phone.

So, when our birthday/anniversary/birthday week arrives, and we are both here to celebrate with each other – it’s PARTY WEEK!

This year there is nothing we are more passionate about or want more deeply than to add another little baby to this family through adoption. Therefore a sweet friend of ours is throwing a huge Jamberry fundraiser for us. (Just a side note on this friend. Her name is Amelia and her and Scott went to the same church in Oregon, and her and I went to the same college in Arizona, and it’s just a tiny, small world!)


Jamberry makes a really neat non-toxic nail product.  They are wraps that stick to your finger nails through the application of heat.  I rarely use fingernail polish because of the toxins, and to be honest I haven’t fully researched Jamberry nails, but I am super excited about the concept and that my friend is doing this fundraiser for us.  There is a buy 3, get 1 free option and we will be getting 30% of the proceeds that will go straight to our adoption fund. And there will be a raffle for some free Jamberries for people who purchase a wrap.

jamberry 4So if you are like me and want some cute nails, but don’t want to worry about all the ingredients in conventional nail polish, then you should definitely check out Jamberry! My three-year-old will thank you because I think he is even more eager for a new baby to join this family than we are. ;)

You can join our Facebook party for some fun games, etc. at this link:

You can check out the different styles and/or place an order through this link:

Be sure to select “Nichol’s Family Adoption” when you are checking out.

Also, if God has placed it on your heart to support us but you really aren’t interested in pretty nails, you can always donate at our Give Forward site.

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As a small thank you, we would love to send anyone who purchases a wrap or donates through Give Forward a free PDF copy of our Christmas Devotional More Than A Holiday. (A $12.95 value).  If you already have that book either through purchasing it or through the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, I would love to send you a free PDF copy of my new book that hasn’t been released yet called “Can I Have A Pickle Without Yellow 5, Please?”.  It’s about aritificial food colorings in our food supply. (A $3.95 value)

Thank you for your support. I would love if you shared this blog post with anyone who might be interested in Jamberry nails. Now excuse me, because it’s PARTY WEEK and I’ve got some partyin’ to do! :)