Our Story (Part 2)

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After throwing in the towel on conventional medicine I found myself researching natural alternatives online while nursing my newborn.  My mom was in town and provided me with some colloidal silver and probiotics. I attribute that coupled with lots of raw garlic, essential oils, and veggies to feeling significantly better in only three short days and completely better in less than two weeks. The doctor had told me it would be well over a month if I didn’t take his prescriptions. I couldn’t believe it.

I started researching things even more fervently.  My husband and I started watching documentaries at night and I started checking out books from the library. All of a sudden I became aware of GMOs and toxins and the other dangers of our conventional food system and I knew I wanted better for our baby.  We started making changes slowly.  First, we changed our salt to pink Himalayan salt.  Then we started cutting out refined sugars.  Next we started baking our own bread. Every time a new change became something normal and not new in our house I would implement a new one.

By the time we got pregnant with our second child, I knew I wanted a completely different experience.  I wanted a vaginal birth without medicine and drugs.  However, finding an OB who would accept me as a patient turned out to be much more difficult.  VBACs (Vaginal Births After Cesareans) are not very common out here and there was only one practice I could find in my city where all the doctors would accept VBAC patients.  Upon looking at my file, however, they told me I was not a very good candidate and probably had only a 10-15% chance of being successful since my first labor was labeled a ‘failure to descend’.  “I’ll take that chance” I told them.  They informed me that I also had to go into labor naturally on my own before my due date in order to proceed with the VBAC.  If I went late they would not be comfortable performing the VBAC and would want to repeat a Cesarean section.  I started praying that our new little guy would be born during the 39th week.

Two days before I turned 39 weeks pregnant I started to feel contractions.  Real contractions.  I had never felt those real labor contractions with my first. The excitement started to build.  Sure enough, on the day I turned 39 weeks pregnant I knew it was time to go to the hospital.  The plan was to hold off as long as possible.  I (half) joked that I wanted to show up to the hospital pushing.  When I got there I was seven centimeters dilated.  As I walked the hallways I could hear the nurses whispering about the VBAC ‘trial of labor’ as they called it.  It sure didn’t feel like a trial to me.  A dr. from my practice showed up and once again informed me of the low likelihood of my success.  I waited until she left the room before I cried.  It was becoming real.  The pain, the slim chance, my uterus which everyone was viewing as a bomb ready to explode at any second.

I will save the details for a separate birth story entry, but on May 1, 2012, our sweet little baby entered this world, a successful VBAC.

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Stay tuned for part 3 and our adventure in and out of the world of food allergies.

Be blessed!