The Empty Frame on Our Wall – An Adoption Update

Remember almost 2.5 ago when I announced we were adopting?
If you would have told me then, that 2.5 years later we would still be working towards that I would have cried. Little did I know, at the time, but God had a sweet, surprise, miracle baby in the works for us.


Her middle name is Joy and she has brought so much joy to this family.  We could not imagine life without this sweet girl.

However, all along, my heart has always held on to the promise of the baby born into our hearts.  In one sense, it feels like the longest expectancy.  We have waited and prayed for this child for years!

2 years ago, when we were going through the adoption classes, I hung some frames on our wall.  I intentionally left one blank, reserved for a picture of our child through adoption.  For 2 years that blank picture frame has been a tangible reminder of what God has placed on our hearts.


Recently we were able to meet with our adoption consultant again and step back into the process.  They had asked us, long ago, to wait until our baby was a little older to continue the process, so we respected their wishes.  Thankfully the classes we took and fees we paid so far are still valid.  So now we are filling out paperwork, scheduling physicals, sending out references, and getting our fingerprints done so we can begin the home study.

2 years ago, God supernaturally provided for us the money we would need to complete the homestudy and we have held onto that and are excited to get that going.

After the homestudy is over we will then be able to start applying for scholarships.  Our state also has a tax refund available for people who donate towards our adoption, so we are hoping that is another way we can raise some money.  We will need to raise around $20,000.

But as I was encouraged recently, God has all the money we need, and He will provide.

We also recently heard from our adoption agency that there is a big need for adoptive parents right now that are willing to take babies born to mothers who are addicted to drugs.

Our heart in all of this is to have an open adoption and to be able to have a relationship with the birth mother/birth father.  We pray for them.  We love them already.

Would you join us in praying for the birth parents, our baby, and this whole process?  We covet your prayers and I promise to keep you updated with this very long process.

Also, with Christmas only a couple months away, we will be putting all the proceeds from our Christmas devotional towards the $3,000 fee that we have to pay next.  So if you are looking for a meaty, family devotional that is super flexible, check ours out here and please share with your friends!

I can’t wait to fill that empty picture frame on our wall, but more importantly I can’t wait to welcome this new life into our family. <3