Oola For Women – A Book Review

I recently had the honor of getting to read a pre-release copy of the new book Oola For Women.Oola for Women Book Review

Oola For Women Book Review

I will be honest.  I had heard of Oola, but never really knew what it was all about.  I was curious to learn more, so when the opportunity presented itself to review this book I jumped on it.  What is this Oola business?

Here is what I learned.  Oola is the concept of finding a balanced life focusing on 7 basic areas: Family, Faith, Fitness, Friends, Fun, Finance, and Field (occupation).  According to Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl, the authors, we need balance in all 7 of these areas in order to experience the Oola life.

I love the concept of finding balance.  This whole blog is about living a simple life and an abundant life and those things can’t happen when your life is unbalanced.  Unbalance can happen to the best of us.  In fact, I think it happens a lot to people in ministry.  They can get so focused on faith and field (ministry), that family, friends, fitness and fun fall to the wayside.

The book reads like Chicken Soup for the Soul with inspiring and touching stories from real women that illustrate each point.  I enjoyed the personal stories and insight from other women whose lives were out of balance in a certain area and the steps they took to get back in balance.

I will say that I personally felt they were a little wishy-washy on the area of faith.  The authors professed to be Christian but then said things like “While we’re Christians and are open to talking about that with our readers, we also advocate checking out various churches and doctrines to see what feels right for you.”  It felt a little like they were trying to be relevant to all people on this area which I get, but on the other hand salvation is a pretty big deal and not something that is preached at all of the various churches and through all of the various doctrines of religion.

I am super thankful they included Faith as one of the 7 key areas, though, instead of leaving it out completely, because it is important to live a balanced life. I think this book can definitely be a starting step for people who do not have faith to consider that maybe it is something that is missing from their life.

After reviewing the 7 key areas, the book then goes into things that hinder us from finding balance and things that help us.  The chapter on fear had me nodding my head in agreement because I have definitely made fear-based choices in my past which caused me to miss out on many things.  I believe so many people are being held bondage by fear and I’m glad it was addressed.

At the end of the book the authors give some very practical steps to figuring out where you are in each of these areas, where you are disbalanced, and what you can do to get balanced.  I loved how they actually get you to write out goals and figure out how to achieve them.  That is most of the battle right there.

I think this book can be very liberating for women who take the time to actually go through the steps and apply the principles.  It’s not hard, but it does require action.  For other people it will just be a feel good read.  Either way I think living an Oola life is something we should all be pursuing.

You can pre-order a copy of this book here or here.  It will be released May 2.  If you find yourself stuck in life, unhappy, and not sure what needs to change, you will find value in these pages.

Have you heard of living the Oola life?  What do you think of the concept?

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