Can I Get A Pickle Without Yellow 5, Please?

Pickle cover 3D

Do you ever wonder about artificial food dyes?  Where did they come from?  What are they made of?  Are they really safe? How much are we really eating?

If that describes you, then you will love Can I Get A Pickle Without Yellow 5, Please?.

This book covers the history, research, and natural alternatives for synthetic food dyes.

toc pickle

Learn about the unsavory practices of generations past that will make you happy you are living in a more civilized world. Learn about the health risks associated with several of the approved FD&C dyes and wonder with me how these are still on the market! Learn about how much food dye we are really eating and what the recommended daily intake really is.

This e-book is $3.99 $2.99, but unfortunately does not come with pickles. 🙂



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